Tuesday Thoughts – Podcast For This Month’s Listening

These three give you plenty to ponder. Two are shows that both ficional and nonfictional.  Black Tapes is a fictional tale that sets itself as real – think Blair Witch style.  Generation Why goes into strange questions looking for information then triest to separate facts from fiction.  Finally the Trial Went Cold is all true, real cases that are cold but deserve answers.

Black Tapes – brings back the old radio show type experience.  The main character is a reporter who goes to interview a paranormal skeptic.  She find he has cases in old VHS black cases which represent cases he couldn’t debunk.  He agrees to review some of these cases with her following him to see if they can find answers now new technology.  Well, they find more than they bargained for and it all maybe tied to his past and missing wife.  The series is well worth the listen.  I looked forward to every episode and Season 2 is now going but start with Season 1 Episode 1  to build the story.

Oh on the side note the theme song gets stuck in my head for days.  I love it.

Generation Why – This is another podcast I discovered while in the temporary apartment.  I enjoy how they bantered as they told the stories and their investigation results.  They have brought out a few things I didn’t know of topics I had heard about.  Their take on stories is always interesting.  If you are into this kind of podcast then I would say put this one on your list.  If you just want to add one type of these podcasts to your list I’d say this isn’t the one for beginners.

The Trail Went Cold – This one takes cases and updates their status.  All of them are as of yet unsolved.  Many of the cases were covered on the classic Unsolved Mysteries tv show.  If you were an addicted to that as I was (loved Robert Stack’s doing it) you’ll find out where cases are that were covered there.  I often find myself thinking ahh I remember that one – sad it’s still not solved but wow that’s interesting progress.

So enjoy.



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