Monday Marginalia – Now THAT’S an Auditorium


This post card didn’t catch my eye for the image as much as for the message on it.  The postmark is March 22, 1938.  The message reads as if it’s from a new housewife to her parents about the wonders of the big city.  Her handwriting was excellent.  I’m sure her ‘folks’ were proud.


Sent to Mrs Mary Sheridan of 2004 Rugby Road, Dayton Ohio

Early Tues. Morn – Dear Folks – I’m doing a big washing to so may not write till tomorrow We went to the Sportsman’s Show Sunday afternoon, and it was in this beautiful building – the largest I was ever in. Very interesting – we stayed about 6 hours. The weather had been just perfect yesterday and today – no coas, all windows open. Wish love to all –
Mary Ester

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