Monday Marginalia – The Cat Just Don’t Care

Jack my cat.

Jack my cat.

If you have been reading my blog you have met our cat Jack. He came with our house. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat. Tried to make him an indoor cat but he’d been an outdoor cat/garage cat when we moved here. Any way he won the debate and now goes in and out during the day.

That’s when we began to notice our tom wasn’t concerned with appearance. He’d come in so dusty when you patted him he made clouds like Pigpen. If it was raining he wanted out and would come in wet. Did he groom right away? No way. He’d try to rub himself dry on my legs and lap. Later with a space heater he’d come in and doze there letting the heat do the job and smelling the room up of wet cat. He’ll come in with dirt outlining his nose and not care. I tell him. He just purrs happily with a black outlined nose. After dining he’ll sometimes wander around with food on his chin. Again I’ll point it out, he’ll just purr. He does groom himself very well, it’s just once a day… in the middle of the kitchen floor… while I am making dinner. Until I chase him away so I won’t step on him, then in a huff he’ll trot upstairs to his room to groom hiself upon his bed. Yes, that’s how we call upstairs guestroom with the full bed, his favorite retreat. So we’ve decided Jack is just a rugged outdoor Tom. Just like honey badger – he just don’t care.

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