Monday Marginalia – A fine Violet Postcard

Violet postcard frontViolet postcard back

This is a lovely embossed design on the card. All the flowers are embossed to give them depth and texture. I just found it lovely and imagine it cost more than regular cards at the turn the of the century so I expect the Leo was trying to impress Freedy on her birthday.

Postmark Arlington Ohion July 30, 1909 3PM to Miss Freedy Pifer, Williamstown, Ohio

Dear Friend,

Am all O.K. why wasn’t you to the festival Thursday at Miller school house I was there, we just had a fine time I want you to be in town next Saturday Eve I have something fine to tell you.

Leo W.

So again another note between a man and a single woman. Seems courting was done with postcards around 1900. Seems Leo missed her at the festival and is anxious to tell her something. I found his repetitive use of fine amusing. His phrasing of his first sentence made me cringe and I am not a grammar nazi. The other thing that made me wary of Leo is he doesn’t ask her to town but almost demands it because it is what he wants. It could be ominous or he could just be childish. I’m not sure but my gut reaction to Mr. Leo W. was one of caution. I know a that time social norms were different but I’ve read several courting post cards from the 1900s and this is the only one that leaves me with that feeling. Most are very flattering and asking for her attention or thanking her for the attention or as in the last one, trying to work out something with her. This was just a bit different in tone to me but on a lovely expensive card at the time. So what are your thoughts? Should Freedy go and see Leo? Is she avoiding me due to his coming on too hard or being too childish? Am I overreacting to Leo? If they met on Saturday what did he tell her that was so fine?

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