Monday Marginala – We Visited The Kids

Here we are on the road and wondering if the little dark cloud up there near the Batman building in Nashville is following over someone.

Here we are on the road and wondering if the little dark cloud up there near the Batman building in Nashville is following over someone.

Well hello there!  I know, I know blog fade got me as RL intruded.  But yet again I’m back just like a bad penny.  So shall we carry on as if nothing happened.  Yes why don’t we…

Over the 4th of July weekend we went to North Chicago and stayed in the Navy Lodge at the Great Lakes Naval Base to visit our son Aaron and his fiancee Sara.  Aaron home at their apartment in Kenosha after a lay off at the civilian job and then injury during his Army National Guard drill weekend.  So he was free to hang with us and Sara was free Sunday for a tour and Monday for dinner.

Mike in front of replica of Lincoln's childhood home in Knob Creek Kentucky.

Mike in front of replica of Lincoln’s childhood home in Knob Creek Kentucky.

We drove there on Saturday.  It’s a long drive.  We decided to make a stop to stretch our legs.  We stopped at Lincoln’s childhood home in Kentucky.  It is Knob Creek.  Not much there a replica cabin in the photo and a restaurant put there in the 1930s by a distant relative of his that bought the land.  He was here in elementary years and went to school for two years before having to work on the farm interfered.  It amused us that Kentucky, Birthplace of Lincoln did not mention the years he spent there or the place Illinois, Land of Lincoln.  We walked a bit and hit the road again.  Mike was more excited to pass the aging barrel houses for Jim Beam. Then on the interstate again.  A stop for lunch and chuckle at bathroom sign at the Tumbleweed restaurant then on to North Chicago.Lunch on road sign

We arrived in time for dinner with the kids.  I was craving good sushi.  Not something available in Lawrenceburg Tennessee area, much less Leoma or Loretto.  So we were off to Soon’s Sushi Cafe it is the best place by far for sushi in Kenosha.  I stuffed myself like it was Thanksgiving and groaned the night away in bed regretting the pain but not the sushi.  LOL!

The next morning the kids (who aren’t kids but will ever be to me) met us at the Lodge and we drove down to the Miracle Mile in Chicago proper where all the movies are filmed.  We got there very early having at first planned to take the train but then opting for parking than the Sunday train schedule ($40 for train for 4, $20 to park).  What to do in the mean time?  Well ate our way around the Mile of course.  First was Cuban coffee shop.  I got sparkling water don’t need that much caffeine after already having had morning coffee.  Then we went for Mediterranean at the Fig and Olive Sat on the terrace and enjoyed the beautiful day.  From there it was to the place we met the Chicago Crime Tour. Except it was going to be some time so they got ice cream.  THEN it was on the tour.

Chicago crime Prohib Build

The building where the Chicago Prohibition Enforcement office was located. Champagne bottle shaped, green, and capped in Capone’s gold.

I enjoyed the tour.  Mike wanted more get off and see things.  Saw the Biograph theater where Dillinger met his end with the Lady in Red (who was really wearing a white blouse and orange skirt).  We passed the Walgreens where the Tylenol poisonings started that still remain unsolved.  (working on a Freaky Friday about that).  Stopped at a Harry Carry’s to see the tunnels, safe, and address book of those in police & government on the take of Heimy Weiss.  And got out to look at the building that housed the revenuers in Prohibition.  Now remember Chicago was proud of being a wet city despite the federal law.  They did not nor did they want to enforce Prohibition thus the Feds had to up their presence and do it themselves.  They moved into a new building.  Yep that’s it the one shaped like a bottle and was green with real gold on top.  You see a green door in Chicago at the time meant liquor was served there – a Speakeasy.  So the new building inspired by liquor bottle, colored the green of free flowing booze, capped with gold from Capone’s money was the only building that could rent enough room to the Feds.  It was a big finger to their efforts every day they came to work.

After the tour I was hungry having skipped the ice cream (downside of not particularly liking ice cream) so we went to Ditka’s Chicago a place Mike has wanted to go for some time.  We all shared the pot roast nachos.  THE BEST NACHOS EVER!

Mike at Ditka's

Mike at Ditka’s on the Golden Coast. He always wanted to go there and we finally got there.

Any way after that it was back to Kenosha for pizza and a movie.  We watched the Netflix original War Machine  a dark satire based on Gen Stanley McChrystal’s time leading in Afghanistan.  (more about it in a Tuesday Thoughts post).    I have to say my boy is growing up.  The apartment they have is nice and no longer student slums.  This is the cleanest place I’ve seen him live in since he moved out.  Gone is the student furniture and only Aaron misses the bent futon.  The only downside was the steps in and out when he was on crutches.

Then next day poor Sara had to work.  So we picked up Aaron and were off to fill a hole in our Milwaukee experience – to tour the Harley Davidson Museum it was great and a photo post next Monday on it.  Had lunch there then dropped Aaron off to do some reserves work at his apartment and we went back to the Lodge for the best naps EVER!  Then back to Kenosha for dinner with the kids.  Sadly things were busy so it was Buffalo Wild Wings by default. Then said good bye as Sara had to work the next day and 2nd LT. Eklund had a conference call to attend.  As I said all grown up.

Being a Marvel fan my highlight at the Harley Museum was the original Capt. America bike from the first movie.

Being a Marvel fan my highlight at the Harley Museum was the original Capt. America bike from the first movie.

We got back to base and went in to see the Great Lakes Base 4th of July Celebration.  It is open to the public but we went in one of the other gates and got parking on base.  It was just a short walk to the area.  Sadly we forgot that evening on the lake could be cold especially after a rain.  We stayed about an hour.  We heard enough of the Skillet concert to decide we did like them.  But we were freezing and thought we could see the fireworks from the Lodge so we went back over there.  Mike got his walk in base housing I took a hot shower and we did see the fireworks but they were low for us.  Then it was a night.

Great Lake Base July 4th

Great Lakes Naval Base $th of July Celebration.

The next day was the actual 4th of July.  We hit the road back taking a different route.  I’m not much on riding in the car.  I get bored so I sleep.  We did go through Metropolis IL and got a shot of Mike at the rest area.  We mostly had the interstate to ourselves on the drive back.  Once home Jack McCatterson was thrilled to see us after three days alone in the house.  He went in and out at will and when in demanded cuddles.

Mike at Metropolis, Illinois.

Mike at Metropolis, Illinois.

Wednesday I did grocery shopping and got Molly Dogster from puppy camp at the vet’s.  She was thrilled and multiple cases of the zoomies.  “OMG it’s my MOM!”  zoomies.  Then we got home and as I carried in groceries it was the “OMG I love MY yard!” zoomies.  Then she spotted Jack and they played as Jack jumped at her from the monkey grass and Molly ran with the “OMG! It’s my buddy JACK!” zoomies in between tags.  Then into the house for the run about the house with “OMG I love being HOME!” zoomies.  Then she got her bone which led to “OMG I love my BONE!” zoomies and an exhausted collapse to snoring from zoomie exhaustion.  Then Mike came home to the “OMG it’s my DAD!” zoomies.

Life is good.  Treat others as you want to be treated and the earth as a precious gift to tomorrow’s children.   Later.

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  1. Nice to have you back. Enjoy your posts.

    On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 8:07 AM Mary Louise Eklund wrote:

    > Mary Louise Eklund posted: ” Well hello there! I know, I know blog fade > got me as RL intruded. But yet again I’m back just like a bad penny. So > shall we carry on as if nothing happened. Yes why don’t we… Over the 4th > of July weekend we went to North Chicago and stayed in the” >

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