UGH Slept This Week Away


Yes it feels as if I have been sleeping in a log for the past two weeks. I am recovering from a nasty sinus infection that when into nasty pneumonia. So everything has been piling up undone outside my chosen log of a bed. (or did I impersonate a log while in bed) Any way. Monday is the eclipse and we traveling the 20 miles that will take us to the path of totality. Wow that’s cool should be a novel by me “Into The Path Of Totality” hmmm…. I’m thinking sometime next week I’ll get back on the blog horse. Sorry but I had to take care which apparently means I sleep… or hibernate which ever you prefer. Until I’ve fully recovered. Later. **crawls back into her den of recovery**

One thought on “UGH Slept This Week Away

  1. Glad you are feeling better
    We have a new neighbor up the street that has invited several neighborhood couples to pool party and barbecue for the eclipse. Not planning on swimming but have our approved glasses.

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