Thursday Throwback – The last Spring Break


Spring 1987

It was Spring 1986. Mike was about to graduate college the next quarter. Yes quarters then not semesters. I was just a year from graduation. We were on our last Spring Break of our life. It was a cool windy March in Florida and in the ocean was a bit cold on the windy day so we flew a kite. About the shorts? What can I say it was the 80s and neon was cool baby.

Monday Marginalia – Congratulations to Sara!


This beautiful lady is Sara. She’s my son’s fiancee. Yep, this month he popped the question to his long term girlfriend. The marriage is in a few years. I’m getting a wonderful daughter without all the mess of raising one. But that’s not why I’m congratulating her. I’m congratulating her for graduating college. She’s now a physical therapist going on to medical school! That she worked hard for and made it! We are all so proud.

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Freaky Year – Here’s to a Beautiful New One

Orchid in the Biltmore greenhouse. Photo by me.

Orchid in the Biltmore greenhouse. Photo by me.

I’m not gong to look back. We all know what’s back there – we just lived it. So here’s to moving forward. Here’s to better days, more kindness, less hate, more true talks, less spewing at others, happy good-byes, less sad one… Over all here’s to hope to move forward a bit more healthy, a lot more empathetic, and while offering a hand up to those who need help. 2017 We’re counting on you…

Throwback Thursday – Morning Sick Christmas


Welcome to Christmas 1992.  This is the time we told my family that I was pregnant. I had morning sickness then and for the first four months of my pregnancy.  So excuse the strained look.  Oh and no we were having an ugly sweater part but we could have…  For the record left to right – Mom, Me, Mike, and my maternal grandmother I called Nannie.  It is at Nannie’s house and it is the obligatory photo with food before eating…

Thursday Throwback – Aaron’s Second Christmas


Welcome to 1994 in Kalamazoo Michigan, this was Aaron’s second Christmas.  This photo was made at the family Christmas party Mike’s employer at the time threw each year.  Aaron is the most serious one of the bunch but then again meeting Santa is serious business when you are a 16 months old.