Throwback Thursday – Belated Happy Father’s Day

Bright, Sidney pharmist at lunch counter Rexall East Gate Shopping Center Greeneville, TN

Sidney Bright, my Dad.

My blog was dormant during father’s day so I thought I’d share one of my favorite pictures of my dad.  Here he is at the lunch counter where he worked.  I’m pretty sure this is the Rexall (later Revco) Drug in the East Gate Shopping Center in Greeneville, Tennessee.  I’m guessing it’s about 1969 to 1972.  I remember enjoying meeting him there with Mom for lunch when he worked.  It was near the toy aisle and he’d get me a little something.  I loved silly putty and a newspaper to pick up the pictures. I was always impressed that everyone there knew him and many called him Doc.  These are fond memories and yes I came by loving my coffee honestly.  Love ya Dad and very belated Happy Father’s Day.

Monday Marginalia – The Safe That Killed Jack Daniel


Before we went to visit the kids they came down and visited us. One of the things we did with them was drive over to Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniels Distillery.  We took the flight tour so we got samples at the end.   The odd thing about it is Moore County where the Distillery is…  is a dry county.  Yep, except for the distillery property you can’t buy Jack in the county where it is made. Still if you’ve had Jack Daniels any where in the world it came from this one place in a dry county in the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Continue reading

Monday Marginalia – Heating Your Home in 1897


In 1897 Rev Wheatly of Loretto Tennessee wrote to the Rochester Radiator Company for information about their product to heat his home.  What he got back was more than information on a heater for his home but an offer to become a wholesale dealer in the area.  I don’t know if he acted on it or just filed the response away to later be found by me in a bundle of postcards and correspondence for sale in an antique store.  As there is a blank order form here I think he didn’t but who knows it might just be a final one of several forms. Here’s what a Rochester Radiator was and their pitch to Rev Wheatly.

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Thursday Throwback – Mom, Dad, and Me

Sidney, Sylvia, and Mary Louise Bright about 1968 Chattanooga Tennesse

Sidney, Sylvia, and Mary Louise Bright about 1968 Chattanooga Tennesse

Okay I love the fashions it’s about 1968. Also I don’t know where we were going so fancy probably just out as people dressed then. I am surprised Mom doesn’t have her gloves on. I’m guessing since she doesn’t we weren’t going to church. To the best of my memory (you can see how small I was so take this with a grain of salt) Mom wore gloves to church during this time. Oh and I didn’t know my Dad was an MIB… shhhh… don’t tell.

Monday Marginalia – My First NFL Game


I am a football fan, particularly NFL. That finally ended on the perfect day to go to a game. The weater was great – no jacket required, but not hot. The tickets were perfect price (under $70 each). Location was perfect easy drive from our house. So on Sunday October 16th I was off to see the Tennessee Titans play the Cleveland Browns in Nashville. What follows are photos and videos of the day.

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Throwback Thursday -A Dollhouse for Christmas


Some time ago on my Facebook accout I posted a picture of a dollhouse like this one asking if any one else had one.  To my surprise many responded they had one too.  So for the holiday I dug out the old photo albums and went looking for the photo of the Christmas morning I got mine.  Here it is – I think it’s about 1969 judging from my hair.