I  love the internet and am glad it is open 24/7.  There are many places I go for varied reasons.  I’ll divide up the links by reasons I go there.

Comic Books

  • Midtown Comics gotta give a shout out to my subscription service.  I’ve tried different subscription services but I found Midtown to be the best for me.  They let me set my delivery schedule.  They make super easy to update my pull-list.  Any purchases I make will be bundled in with my regular shipment which saves me shipping.  Oh and all the comics come already bagged and boarded!  Extra BONUS!  If you are looking for a mail subscription service check them out.
  • Newsarama is a must for comic book news.  They keep me up to date on what is going on with titles I don’t read regularly, publishers, artists, and authors.
  • Comic Book Resource is another great source for comic book news.  I LOVE their previews section, I’ve actually bought books based on the CBR preview.
  • DarkXide’s column is always enjoyable on eXPress News.  I read it regularly for laughs and info.
  • Uncanny Xmen. Net is my go to source to get summaries without commentary for any X-Men related comic books.  They have helped fill in gaps and answered questions I’ve had for years.

Spooky and Strange Links

  • Mysterious Universe is out of Australia.  I enjoy their podcasts immensely.  They have great articles on various paranormal and unexplained topics.
  • Jim Harold has many different podcasts.  I enjoy all of them very much.  I am an original listener of his first one Paranormal Podcast and because a subscriber.  His True Crime subscription podcast is one of my favorites.  I’ve been on his Campfire show.  Great stuff covering all ranges of the unexplained and unsolved.
  • Fortean Times Breaking News is always fun for the odd, unusual, and unexplained from all around the world.

Entertainment – Just For Laughs Links

  • AcidCow is great for funny photos.
  • I Waste So Much Time is aptly named.  Their So Cute sister site is another AWWWW time waster but it’s CUTE!
  • Twisted Sifter is just awesome.  It has funny stuff, pretty stuffy, cute stuff, and great articles.  Their weekly round up is fantastic.
  • Odd Stuff Magazine has lots of things from great photographs to funny videos.  Always worth checking out.
  • Laughing Squid  I’m not sure it can make a squid laugh but it does me.  There are funny links and just cool stuff.


  • Findagrave great for doing what the name says – finding a grave. The links to relatives and often the comments of people are helpful in expanding my research. It is a volunteer contribution site that I support when I can.
  • Smoky Mountain Kin This site is maintained by Mr. David L. Beckwith. I find it very helpful when researching my mother’s side of the family. The families are centered around the National Park in the Smokies.


  • Reverse Dictionary is a handy tool. I’ve used it when I could not think of a word. (That’s becoming more often as I get older) and it’s helped me find the word I wanted. Also it is very handy for word overuse. I think all writers get that in drafts, you find a word you like and over use it in the piece. Reverse has helped me out too many times to count.
  • Behind the Name is a great source of given names and their meanings. It also has a name generator where you can set parameters such as an Irish name or even a Transformer name. Its sister site Behind The Surname is also very useful. When I’m creating main characters I like their name meanings to reflect the character. I often use these sites to do that.
  • Random Name Generator is great when I need a name for a minor character. You can set obscurity levels and generate by gender. It’s been very helpful to name desk clerks, neighbors, informants, and such.
  • Wikipedia is great for me. I’m a fiction writer at times I need to know just enough to get through the scene. Wikipedia gives me that. I’m not terribly concerned with pinpoint accuracy which can be a concern on there. For my purposes in fiction it’s grand.

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