Throwback Thursday – Belated Happy Father’s Day

Bright, Sidney pharmist at lunch counter Rexall East Gate Shopping Center Greeneville, TN

Sidney Bright, my Dad.

My blog was dormant during father’s day so I thought I’d share one of my favorite pictures of my dad.  Here he is at the lunch counter where he worked.  I’m pretty sure this is the Rexall (later Revco) Drug in the East Gate Shopping Center in Greeneville, Tennessee.  I’m guessing it’s about 1969 to 1972.  I remember enjoying meeting him there with Mom for lunch when he worked.  It was near the toy aisle and he’d get me a little something.  I loved silly putty and a newspaper to pick up the pictures. I was always impressed that everyone there knew him and many called him Doc.  These are fond memories and yes I came by loving my coffee honestly.  Love ya Dad and very belated Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Today is my Dad’s birthday. Yes he’s had the unfortunate chance of being born right before Christmas. The family story is my grandmother held ice in her mouth to make her temperature seem lower so she could go home on Christmas Eve and be home for Christmas Day. So his birthday started out overshadowed by the holiday and still continues. To make the day special stop by his Facebook and wish him a Happy Birthday.

As for the photos it’s one of my favorites.  I remember spending time at the Revco luncheon counter.  I remember Dad coming over on breaks to have coffee with us.  I always enjoyed that.  So not only is it a good pictures of Dad it brings back happy memories of a time and a thing that’s now gone.  Happy Birthday Dad!