Monday Marginala – We Visited The Kids

Here we are on the road and wondering if the little dark cloud up there near the Batman building in Nashville is following over someone.

Here we are on the road and wondering if the little dark cloud up there near the Batman building in Nashville is following over someone.

Well hello there!  I know, I know blog fade got me as RL intruded.  But yet again I’m back just like a bad penny.  So shall we carry on as if nothing happened.  Yes why don’t we…

Over the 4th of July weekend we went to North Chicago and stayed in the Navy Lodge at the Great Lakes Naval Base to visit our son Aaron and his fiancee Sara.  Aaron home at their apartment in Kenosha after a lay off at the civilian job and then injury during his Army National Guard drill weekend.  So he was free to hang with us and Sara was free Sunday for a tour and Monday for dinner. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – The Best of Frienemies


The year is 1991. This is Popcorn the Siamese and Belle the Carolina Dog (it wasn’t a breed then but got her in South Carolina and she had the traits). Popcorn came first by several years then we brought home this stinky puppy. They both grew into fine loving pets but as much as Belle smiled and call Popcorn her buddy. Popcorn all Siamese regal acted put out with the dog. Yet, should Belle be gone guess who was yowling and looking for her? Who wouldn’t eat and fretted? Yep, Popcorn. They were the Odd Couple of pets. Belle the happy go lucky smart dog version of Oscar and Popcorn the clean fastidious Felix (what an appropriate name for a cat eh?). Still to this day I dream of them most often of my pets that are gone now.

Oh and yes Popcorn wore a harness and leash when we traveled.  She had a litterbox in the car and used it and roamed about at will, except on the driver.  We’d worked hard with her on that from a very young kitten knowing the Navy life would have us traveling.

Thursday Throwback – Niagara Falls in the Winter

1974 Niagara Falls

1974 Niagara Falls

Welcome to Niagara Falls in winter of 1974. From Left to right it’s Mark, Len, and Mike (my husband). The Eklunds were moving from Ohio to Carthage, New York which is way upstate New York. Apparently along the way they stopped by the falls. Don’t they look warm and happy. Really Mark, I’m sorry you look like.  “Fine take the picture now can we go get in the warm car?”

Thursday Throwback – Mom, Dad, and Me

Sidney, Sylvia, and Mary Louise Bright about 1968 Chattanooga Tennesse

Sidney, Sylvia, and Mary Louise Bright about 1968 Chattanooga Tennesse

Okay I love the fashions it’s about 1968. Also I don’t know where we were going so fancy probably just out as people dressed then. I am surprised Mom doesn’t have her gloves on. I’m guessing since she doesn’t we weren’t going to church. To the best of my memory (you can see how small I was so take this with a grain of salt) Mom wore gloves to church during this time. Oh and I didn’t know my Dad was an MIB… shhhh… don’t tell.

Monday Marginalia – Congratulations to Sara!


This beautiful lady is Sara. She’s my son’s fiancee. Yep, this month he popped the question to his long term girlfriend. The marriage is in a few years. I’m getting a wonderful daughter without all the mess of raising one. But that’s not why I’m congratulating her. I’m congratulating her for graduating college. She’s now a physical therapist going on to medical school! That she worked hard for and made it! We are all so proud.

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Throwback Thursdays – Eklund Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 1997

For years our Thanksgivings at Mike’s parent’s house included his maternal grandparents the McAllisters. They were Michigan snowbirds that joined the great grey migration to Florida every year. On their way down they’d stop and have Thanksgiving at Donna’s. So here we are around the table one Thanksgiving in the late 90s. I’m not sure why we all look so sunburned maybe because the house was kept so hot to keep the snowbirds comfortable.

Throwback Thursday – My Little Pilgrim

Eklund Aaron 2nd grade 1999

First off let me say I texted my son and sent him the picture asking his permission to publish it. He was fine with that. So here’s my son Aaron when he was in second grade. Yes he’d made this himself at school and wore it to our Thanksgiving dinner. Sadly he did not make one for each of us. **SIGH** Maybe this year.