Thursday Throwback – The last Spring Break


Spring 1987

It was Spring 1986. Mike was about to graduate college the next quarter. Yes quarters then not semesters. I was just a year from graduation. We were on our last Spring Break of our life. It was a cool windy March in Florida and in the ocean was a bit cold on the windy day so we flew a kite. About the shorts? What can I say it was the 80s and neon was cool baby.

This Is Where I Was and There Was No Internet

Sometimes you just have to run away to the Caribbean and unplug from the world.   That is exactly what I did.  I floated around on a ship with my 2,999 shipmates.

Photo - mine

Hollywood Beach Florida, Photo – mine

Departing Port of Miami by me.

Departing Port of Miami by me.

Sint Marrten by Me

St Marrten by Me


Yes the water is THAT blue - by me

Yes the water is THAT blue – by me

Sunset at sea by me

Sunset at sea by me

Spent several days at sea – wonderful except for the throat infection days where I saw the ship’s doctor and slept.  Did yacht racing in St. Maarten, took a tour of St. John, USVI and stayed on the boat for Nassau as I didn’t feel like snorkeling.   Loved having someone to cook and clean after me.  Could live there for that.  When I was feeling better I started writing again but the cruise was almost over by then.  **SIGH**

Unfortunately, I had to return to reality and the world here didn’t stop.  So I’ve got a To-Do book instead of list.  Oh, and I still feel like I am on ship – land sickness.  I didn’t get sea sickness but I’ve got land sickness – prime demographic for it middle aged woman on sea over seven days.  Good news – it goes away over time.  Bad news – no treatment and can last months.  Good news – not sick feeling just slight almost pleasant rocking feeling.  Bad news – there are multiple documented cases of prime demographic that lasted years.

Stay tuned more photo posts to come.  I’ve got three cameras of stuff to download and process.

Until next time!

Here Enjoy a Picture

Sorry bad health day yesterday. I am better today thank you doctors. I am moving slow and will take it easy this weekend. However, my stockpile of posts fails me but have a nice photo of mine instead. I’ll be back on regular schedule Monday with posts M-F.

So here’s a turtle sunning itself in Silver Springs Florida.

BIG Turtle

Ahh doesn’t s/he look happy? Sometimes we have to slow down and enjoy ourselves. Turtles are built that way, sometimes humans have to be reminded.