Back To School Yet Again

Kindergarten school picture

Back to school was always an exciting time for me. For most of my life I welcomed it. It was a time to get to see people of my own age on a regular basis. Living out where we did I didn’t see my friends as much as I wanted in the Summer. I envied city kids on TV who could walk out there door and BOOM! there were their friends and in a short walk together they could be at school. For me to see friends it took planning. The trip home from school was over an hour on the crowded school bus as it wound in out of tiny country lanes to drop off a person here and there.

Class Picture

That’s me back row second from left. I have on the light shirt and have shoulder length hair.

College for me was an exciting time in the big town of Knoxville. Going home to puny Greeneville paled in comparison. Heck there wasn’t even a midnight showing of Rocky Horror! GASP! Most of my high school friends didn’t go to UTK like I did.  I’d made a whole new set of friends (and a boyfriend that became my husband) that didn’t just scatter across the state for the summer but the world. Once I moved into an apartment I went to summer school in college. Honestly I liked that better than regular quarters. It was smaller classes and closer knit group but I was also an upper classman by then so who knows.

Junior Yr High School picture

Then my next school experience was at Western Michigan University. It was different this time – I was working and paying my own way. I loved it. I liked the organization of it. I liked learning new things. Heck I even like the stuff of school pens, paper, books, and such. I went from the social aspect being the strongest attraction to learning being the big attraction.

Photo with diploma

From there life has been a series of seminars, self teaching, parenting a school age child, on-line classes, and supporting Mike’s various graduate degree processes (he’s gotten three so far). I think I turned to writing because I love the research it takes to write fiction well. I like learning new things then exploring them in my writing.

Blue dress in yard at Kalamazoo

Now it’s time for my new experience. I’m taking an on-line class on how to use WordPress. I know I use it regularly here but I feel I under use it immensely. I know there are many resources out there to learn how to use it but they haven’t quite fit my need. I love the structure of school learning, remember? I want one lesson to build on the other. I’ve tried books but never found one that worked well for me either moved WAY TOO SLOW or WAY TOO FAST. Finally I looked about at local schools and found that University of Wisconsin Parkside offered two on-line classes, WordPress 101 and 102. Looking them over 101 starts out basic (how to set up a blog on WordPress, got that check) but ended past my knowledge. That’s where I started it moves fairly fast looking at the syllabus. My first week starts – TODAY!

Me today my photo

I am looking forward to getting more out of WordPress and spiffing things up around here. Making the place more my own, kinda like I did in a dorm room or college apartment. But this means a few things for you dear reader… you might experience some assignment posts. Don’t worry they’ll not be painful, nothing required on your end but a look-see, and there will be NO POP QUIZ at the end of them. Next my new routine posts might not be daily now, depends on the workload. I’d like to keep Comic Comments daily until my backlog of arcs has been worked through but, I’m making no guarantees here until I see how class fits into other required life things. I’d like to get no lower than three a week on those. Photo posts are up in the air, I’m getting slim on new photos and have to get out there to get more of them. So again it depends – I’d like to stay at least weekly on those.

There you go I’m going back to school today. I’ve got a new notebook, new pens, new paper, my computer, and my blog. I’m set to learn!