Monday Marginalia – Found Photo

Found photo

Again a long lapse and I apologize. Stomach flu followed by a gut infection (no more need be said) knocked me down low. Just as I recovered it was time for the book sale at the local library. I worked that and have volunteered to help sell vintage books and leisure reading lots of used books for them on E-Bay. I will let you know when it goes active and encourage you to help our tiny library grow while getting good deals on reading materials and vintage books.

So while doing research on vintage books to get a price, this photo fell from the pages of one of them. If you look on the right the man there is wearing shorts too big for him and has a definite tan line there . Don’t worry though his trucks are drying in the foreground. Looking at it we guessed it to be a Navy swim call about WWII.

Finding it made me smile so I share a happy moment during a war.

Throwback Thursday – Halloween Costumes

Mike Devil 1969

Mike in his quality boxed costume of 1969.

Okay 1969 must have been the year of boxed costumes for us. While I was in Tennessee being a cat that rarely wore her mask, Mike was in Ohio being a little devil. Lots I could say about that but lets just each fill that blank on our own shall we. Not much else I know or can say about this one so I’ll see you next Thursday with another Throwback Thursday Halloween Costume edition.

Throwback Thursday – October Halloween Costumes

Bight, Mary Louise - Halloween Cat costume - 207 Jennifer St, Greeneville TN (6)

That’s me. See I always got cats more than dogs so much so I wanted to be one. That’s me about 1969. Yes remember those quality boxed costumes? This is one of them complete with the grey elastic that was stapled to the mask and always had to be repaired with that tying onto that staple? This is the only one where I was wearing the mask. Continue reading