Monday Marginalia – Mattie’s Spurned Beau


Remember the interesting postcard from a spurned admirer?  The one to Mattie Longmire?  Well I found a follow up one that seems by the writing to be from the same admirer.  This one is from June 1908 in Lu___, Tennessee.  I couldn’t read the month on the other so I can’t tell you which comes first.  Again it’s hard to read the writer’s message, partly due to age, partly due to penmanship, partly due to cramming so much in there.  This one gets very creepy in a crazy stalker kind of way.  I’m not sure if that’s my modern woman mind alarms.  I’m thinking this after the ship card because he seems to say it was the 28th.  I’ll do my best.  So shall we continue the story of Mattie and her suitor?  As always if you can improve on my attempt at transcribing please let me know.  The comments are open below.


My Dear Little Girl Mattie,
How are you by this time I am sorry you have to _____ for wash. If I had my say I wouldn’t let you do anything. I thought I would send you a lot of doges this time to match all the cats. (in pencil) Ha Ha (end pencil) I believe you said you thought more of dogs than you did cats. So you know I _______ to ___________. ____________ You live best I have been fl____ today been(?) hot and mad at the old nite (?) Flys they have been something my sister and I all with. They were dead. I have killed sveral of them today. (in pencil) by by you (end pencil)
Well the lost letter came today to OGR I this to be a fool for I not the rich(?) man as he go__ ____ and was ___ not the 28th

So why write to a gal about killing flies then go back and write in by by you? Same for the ha ha after the comment about the dogs on the front. It seems Mattie wrote a letter back. It appears she claimed it was a misunderstanding about dates. However our writer seems to think it’s the money the other many has. Oh and he had his dates right…. and is a good fly killer.

Monday Marginalia – A fine Violet Postcard

Violet postcard frontViolet postcard back

This is a lovely embossed design on the card. All the flowers are embossed to give them depth and texture. I just found it lovely and imagine it cost more than regular cards at the turn the of the century so I expect the Leo was trying to impress Freedy on her birthday. Continue reading

Monday Marginalia – Now THAT’S an Auditorium


This post card didn’t catch my eye for the image as much as for the message on it.  The postmark is March 22, 1938.  The message reads as if it’s from a new housewife to her parents about the wonders of the big city.  Her handwriting was excellent.  I’m sure her ‘folks’ were proud.

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Monday Memories – 1908 Ship Postcard

ship postcard front

Ship Postcard Front

ship postcard back

Postcard message side Postmark 1908

Hi, no I didn’t die. I have been dealing with a move, broken foot,  Mom’s broken leg, and connectivity issues in the country. Despite all of that I’m back and getting on schedule again.

Let’s do another postcard from the past. This one hails from 1908. There are few things I liked about this one. First, the amount of message the person squeezed onto this single card. Second, it was sent from Springs Tennessee to Corryton Tennessee but it has a cruise ship on it. Thirdly, there is writing on the face. Fourthly, it is responding to an apology which is intriguing. So all these neat quirky features along with the fact it’s over 100 years old made it one I added to my collection to share with you. Continue reading