Wednesday Words – Don’t Dot Your I Tittle It

This is no news to my fellow geeks that love fonts. That’s not a dot on your i it’s a tittle. Yep, that’s the real word for it. Why it is call that I don’t know. Maybe when putting the tittle there it’s titillating for some? Sorry, I had to have fun with this word for an object we all know we use a generic word for, but has a very real specific name. So font geeks I tip my hat to you for teaching us about our own language. Thank you.

Wednesday Words – Names of Things

We are all familar with the sideways eight representing infinity. It has become popluar in tattoos and jewelry. So much so we refer to it as the ‘infinity symbol.’ But saying that is going the long way around the barn, the symbol acutally has a name lemniscate. So next time you want a tattoo or bracelet ask for the lemniscate.