Thursday Throwback – Niagara Falls in the Winter

1974 Niagara Falls

1974 Niagara Falls

Welcome to Niagara Falls in winter of 1974. From Left to right it’s Mark, Len, and Mike (my husband). The Eklunds were moving from Ohio to Carthage, New York which is way upstate New York. Apparently along the way they stopped by the falls. Don’t they look warm and happy. Really Mark, I’m sorry you look like.  “Fine take the picture now can we go get in the warm car?”

Thursday Throwback – Mom, Dad, and Me

Sidney, Sylvia, and Mary Louise Bright about 1968 Chattanooga Tennesse

Sidney, Sylvia, and Mary Louise Bright about 1968 Chattanooga Tennesse

Okay I love the fashions it’s about 1968. Also I don’t know where we were going so fancy probably just out as people dressed then. I am surprised Mom doesn’t have her gloves on. I’m guessing since she doesn’t we weren’t going to church. To the best of my memory (you can see how small I was so take this with a grain of salt) Mom wore gloves to church during this time. Oh and I didn’t know my Dad was an MIB… shhhh… don’t tell.

Thursday Throwback – Raise them Right


Welcome to 1995 Kalamazoo Michigan. This was my second foray into snow territory to live. Aaron was born in Kalamazoo so early on when there was shoveling to be done he joined in. Later when we moved back to snow country in Wisconsin the rule was if it snowed everyone gets up early and goes out shovel. Aaron throughout middle school and high school was awakened at 5:30 with the rest of and handed a shovel. You know what I don’t miss those days. I don’t miss that kind of snow.

After living in upstate New York we moved to Charleston South Carolina. We kept our snowshovels not knowing if we’d get transferred back up to where we’d need them. One day the young boy whose grandparents lived on a cul de sac came over while I was in the garage. He was amazed by such a large shovel and our sled. I like living where I have to explain what those are used for and how they are used.

Thursday Throwback – Cathage Snowman


Welcome to 1973 in Carthage New York.  It’s Mike there with his little brother Mike.  Now look at Mike’s face and tell me that Mark’s not going to be crying soon after being hit by a snowball. LOL!  Mark looks like he’s disgusted by the snow.  I know how you feel Mark I was glad to move back south.

Throwback Thursday – Morning Sick Christmas


Welcome to Christmas 1992.  This is the time we told my family that I was pregnant. I had morning sickness then and for the first four months of my pregnancy.  So excuse the strained look.  Oh and no we were having an ugly sweater part but we could have…  For the record left to right – Mom, Me, Mike, and my maternal grandmother I called Nannie.  It is at Nannie’s house and it is the obligatory photo with food before eating…

Thursday Throwback – Aaron’s Second Christmas


Welcome to 1994 in Kalamazoo Michigan, this was Aaron’s second Christmas.  This photo was made at the family Christmas party Mike’s employer at the time threw each year.  Aaron is the most serious one of the bunch but then again meeting Santa is serious business when you are a 16 months old.